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Deposit require approximately 30-50% of amount of the Tour and The rest pay on the arrival date By THB or USD or GBP or Euro.You can Deposit by Thaiepay Credit Card Online System,Safe Secure.

   There is fee Charge for Credit Card Online system 4%for Visa,4.75% for American Express.

 CHIANG MAI Vacations - Cancellation / Refund Policy

At we have worked to develop a policy that is as flexible as possible for the customer, within the rules and requirements of our service providers. Thank you for using our services and taking the time to review our policies.

We understand that there will be customers that appreciate an opportunity to spread out vacation costs and so we offer our deposit option for early bookings.
- More than 30 days before arrival date will require deposit of 30-50 % of total price. You may also choose to pay full amount.
- Within 7 days before arrival requires payment in full.

- At least 14 days before arrival date, must pay balance in full. Failure to pay deposit will result in loss of reservation and cancellation charges as outlined below. We will send a series of reminders to your email as this date approaches.

Cancellation or Amendment
More than 30 days before requested arrival date
- 0% Charge Of Total Price, Please be aware that some additional charges may result, Such as Bank Money Transfer fee.
- Booking tour with hotel 1 night hotel must be charged.
Within or less than 30 days
- 30% Charge Of Total Price.Please be aware that some additional charges may result,  Such as Bank Money Transfer fee.
- Booking tour with hotel 1night hotel must be charged.
No Show On Tour Date
-100% Charge,whichever is the Total Price.

Travel during peak holiday periods (e.g., Christmas, New Years, Thai New Years) may alter cancellation policies of certain hotels and service providers. Should such a change affect your travel during these periods, we will attempt to notify you of any changes

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